IT-Recycling unter Einhaltung der internationalen Sicherheitsstandards und Umweltschutzgesetze

Reference report

pco Personal Computer Organisation GmbH & Co. KG: Data destruction - a matter of trust with security

Hellmann Process Management (HPM) supports pco Personal Computer Organisation GmbH & Co. KG in developing sustainable disposal concepts and conducting certified data medium destruction. pco offers integrated services for IT-supported business and logistics processes.

The initial situation

For pco, the issue of sustainability is at the forefront not only of cooperation, but also of the processes.  It has therefore also been necessary to set up sustainable and reliable disposal structures for discarded equipment, and to ensure that the data contained in these structures is certified for destruction and can be destroyed safely.


Under no circumstances should data carriers be disposed of without prior deletion of the data. Here, it is irrelevant whether the data carriers are hard disks or entire computer systems. The degaussing equipment used by HPM meets the test requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security. This is an officially authorised form of data destruction suitable for even the most confidential data. The degaussing process demagnetises the data carriers and completely destroys them, both irreversibly and verifiably. This is documented using digital deletion logs on the basis of serial numbers. The data carriers are then recycled. High-quality recycling processes feed the old electrical and electronic equipment into the recycling cycle, therefore recovering important secondary raw materials for reuse. The implementation of reliable structures has meant that data security could be increased, and disposal costs reduced.

"As data security and sustainable processes are at the centre of management, we can meet this requirement holistically."

Axel Gambietz | Management | pco

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