Elektrogeraete entsorgen - umweltbewusst und effizient mit hpm.

Old electrical equipment

Safe and economical disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Ever-shorter product life cycles and the overall increase in the number of electrical devices being used mean that the need for disposal is growing every year. Disposal involves the separation of hazardous materials while recovering secondary raw materials.

Particularly in times of increased environmental awareness and a desire for a sustainable economy, professional recycling is becoming increasingly important. When it comes to the proper and exemplary disposal of your electrical and electronic scrap, you can fully rely on us.

Whether you just need us to meet the legal requirements or have specific disposal requirements, we will tailor an offer to your individual needs for cost-efficient and environmentally friendly disposal solutions. We make use of our network of certified primary processing facilities and regionally-based waste management specialists to avoid long logistics chains.

Altgeraeteentsorgung  - Entsorgen Sie Ihre Elektrogeraete fachgerecht mit hpm.


Owners of old B2B equipment who are required to dispose of it

Since 15/08/2018, all electrical and electronic devices fall within the scope of the ElektroG unless they are explicitly meet a statutory exemption. As the owner of an old device, you are obliged under certain circumstances to dispose of it yourself. This means that you cannot return the old device to a public recycling centre, the manufacturer, or retailer.

You yourself are obliged to dispose of waste equipment which does not come from private households (B2B equipment), for which you have concluded a corresponding contractual arrangement with the manufacturer or which is so-called "historic" B2B waste equipment, i.e. B2B waste equipment which was placed on the market before the ElektroG came into force for it.

In these cases, you must hand over your B2B waste equipment to a certified waste management specialist or a certified primary treatment facility and pay for the costs of disposal yourself. You are then obliged to submit an annual statistics report to stiftung ear.

Source: stiftung ear

Platinen Platinen

Sustainable data erasure and destruction of data carriers

Safety and sensitivity are also important when dealing with your storage media! Do you know what happens to your data carriers at the end of their life cycle?

We delete your data irreversibly and verifiably and have the answer to the topic of data protection and data security. The so-called degaussing (demagnetisation/flooding) of the data carriers destroys the structure of the data disk by exposing it to a strong magnetic field. In this way we destroy your data completely, irreversibly and verifiably. Even intact hard disks are rendered completely unusable during this process of data deletion. The degausser used by Hellmann Process Management was tested and evaluated by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) according to the test arrangement for fire extinguishers.

Would you like to continue using your data carriers? Then we can offer you certified data deletion using special software.

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