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Authorized Representative

for the German ElektroG

With hpm as your authorized representative your company can operate in Germany in accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).
We are a certified service provider with expertise in environmental management and waste management, especially for electrical and electronic equipment.
Benefit from our authorized representative service together with a comprehensive service package as a one-stop-shop. We ensure legal compliance and implementation for your success.

What to look for in an authorized representative?

In theory, you can authorize every natural or legal person or group of persons registered in Germany. The legal documents do not call for certified expertise. Yet to avoid legal issues, the German legal system in itself calls for expert knowledge and experience to avoid legal issues. Your authorized representative will act for your company to fulfill all legal obligations like registering products with the stiftung ear to grant access to the German market or report and document that disposal requirements are met. Because of this, it is efficient to combine representation with the organization of disposal processes.

A good authorized representative should:

  • be experienced with the requirements, deadlines and communication channels regarding the German stiftung ear.
  • have a network of specialist contractors and recycling organizations for electrical devices.
  • possess expertise in controlling of contractors.
  • not only know the legal requirements and obligations but follow closely their ongoing adjustment.

To choose an authorized representative can critically impact the success of your business in Germany. At hpm we offer you experience in authorized representation together with a network of certified primary processing facilities and regionally-based waste management specialists.

Who needs an authorized representative according to the ElektroG?

According to the German ElektroG all producers of electrical and electronic equipment without any subsidiary in Germany are bound to appoint an authorized representative to take over their obligations. If you want to roll out your electrical or electronic products in Germany, you need an authorized representative. This obligation is not limited to producers. If you distribute or export electrical and electronic equipment to Germany and these products were not (yet) registered there by the manufacturer, you inherit this obligation. If you do not have subsidiaries in Germany you need an authorized representative to participate in the German market.
As your authorized representative we help you to meet the legal requirements of the German ElektroG.

How to appoint an authorized representative in Germany?

Before registering an authorized representative for Germany, you need to conclude a written assignment between the representative and your company first. This assignment has to be written in German. It needs to contain the instruction to the representative to take over the legal obligations of the represented, together with the agreement of the representative to this. The data of both parties has to be given and the starting date of the representation.

This assignment can then be submitted via the ear portal. When the stiftung ear accepts the appointed representative after a check, both the now authorized representative and your company get informed by the stiftung ear. Fast and easy representation with hpm.

The legal status concerning authorized representatives in the German ElektroG

The German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) from 2005 got amended in 2015 to correspondent with the EU WEEE2-Directive. Further changes happened in 2018 and are planned for 2021. For the topic of authorized representation, the rules of this act have not changed after 2015. Article 8 of the ElektroG stipulates that producers without a subsidiary in Germany must appoint an authorized representative. Each producer must appoint only one authorized representative at the same time. The appointment must be declared in written German language.

The authorized representative must fulfil all transferrable producer obligations of the ElektroG from the appointing producer. Moreover, the authorized representative is the main contact towards the relevant German authorities Federal Environmental agency (Umweltbundesamt) and the joint body for producers “stiftung ear”.

You can read the German text of the ElektroG here.

Further Services for manufacturers and distributors of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

At hpm as authorized representative we not only allow you to participate in the German market without legal issues. Our services can cover all processes regarding waste disposal and recycling. With our well known reliability and outstanding logistics we take care of the local bureaucracy and implementation. So you can focus on growing your business.

We are your reliable partner in environmental management and waste management.

Learn more about our services:

  • product stewardship
  • environmental management
  • waste management

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