Umweltmanagementbeauftragter fuer Ihr Unternehmen - externe Besetzung der Stelle des Betriebsbeauftragten durch die Umweltmanager von hpm.

Appointment of an officer

Our solution - We provide your external company officer

Legal requirements and approvals can oblige companies to employ one or more company officer. The qualification and release of their own employees required for this poses challenges for every company, as their own employees are only available to a limited extent. Hpm takes over these tasks for you, so that your employees can concentrate on their core business.


The legal basis for the appointment and requirements for a waste management officer is provided by the Waste Representative Ordinance  (Abfallbeauftragtenverordnung - AbfBeauftrV). Section 2 describes the requirements for the waste management officer. In particular, reliability (§ 8) and expertise (§ 9) are mentioned here. These criteria can also be found in § 60 of the Circular Economy Act, which regulates the tasks of the company waste management officer, as well as in § 55 of the Federal Immission Control Act. The enforcement aid for the disposal of waste from facilities of the health service of the Federal/State Waste Committee (LAGA) formulates the necessity to carefully select the company waste management officer.


The appointment of an individual as a competent person, in the sense of the transfer of business-related duties, must be made in writing. Our services enable us to free you from the burden of your daily work. We would be happy to help you with implementing this in a legally compliant manner and handling all the duties to be carried out by a representative.


André Lehmeier, hpm

Appointment of an officer

We do it - Our services as external waste management officer

As an environmental service provider, we take over the function of your external waste management officer and help you as a waste producer with all waste-related questions and decisions:

  • In the event of problems under waste law, we seek contact with the environmental authorities.
  • We can advise you on the optimisation of recycling and disposal routes
  • We train your employees so that your company is up to date in all waste-relevant areas
  • We take over the implementation of the inventory (recording of accruing residual material quantities including overall and area-related cost analysis).

Regular checks enable us to identify undesirable developments quickly, and thus act effectively in order to avoid possible damage at an early stage. In addition, we continuously monitor compliance with relevant legal regulations in order to guarantee you a legally-sound organisation.

Our field of activity includes the following tasks:

  • Assumption of the legal obligations of the waste management officer in accordance with §§ 59 and 60 KrWG and in accordance with the Waste Management Officer Ordinance (AbfBeauftrV) amended on 01/06/2017.
  • Organisation of your internal and external waste management
  • Documentation of your waste management
  • Improvement of the cost structure
  • Control of revisions and developments of internal collection and sorting as well as waste logistics
  • Training and instruction of your employees

In addition to our activities as waste management officers, we are also at your disposal with other officer functions and competencies.

  • Dangerous materials officer
  • Water protection officer
  • Immission control officer
  • Incident management officer

Whether temporary and selective support or the entire outsourcing of the representative function: Together we will find the solution that is right for you. Please feel free to contact us.

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