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The obligations of the extended producer responsibility (EPR), for exmaple of the ElektroG, can mean considerable expense for manufacturers and importers. Within the framework of extended product responsibility, manufacturers and importers are among others obliged to take back old appliances free of charge and to ensure their disposal and recycling. In addition, there are numerous other obligations. These include registration with the stiftung elektro-altgeräte register (stiftung ear) and legally compliant reporting including quantity reports as well as compliance with product design specifications.

hpm offers you among others economical and safe solutions to all legal requirements of the ElektroG and takes over all administrative tasks from the initial registration to the legally compliant recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Germany.


We will take care of your data management

The complexity and diversity of decision-making processes can no longer be mapped without IT-supported operational process management. From the provision of data to responsibilities and the legal conformity of the decisions made, we analyse the specific processes and advise you on how to optimise them.

Our international, administrative services about the EPR include, among other things, arranging invitations to tender and specifically recommending suitable, reliable partners, e.g. Producer Compliance Schemes and Authorised Representatives. This provides you and your company with the best economic opportunities for implementing the legal requirements.

In addition, hpm supports registration and system participation as required, e.g. by preparing relevant contracts, communicating with all partners and the reporting including the invoice verification.




Before a manufacturer or his authorised representative offers electrical or electronic equipment on the German market or puts it into circulation, he is obliged to register the type of equipment and its brand with the competent authority. If this registration is not carried out or not carried out properly, this equipment may not be placed on the market. §45 ElektroG gives the consequences in the event of a violation: Any manufacturer who commits an administrative offence intentionally or negligently may be fined up to 100,000 euros. Warning notices may be given in addition to fines.

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