Project work with commitment & passion

Benefit from our experience and use our know-how built up over the years for your project.


Project work with commitment & passion

Benefit from our experience and use our know-how built up over the years for your project. So the knowledge we have gathered and all the projects and services developed by us come together in our project work. On this basis, we develop services which are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers and which combine cost-effectiveness, environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability. We comply with both your requirements and all legal requirements, offer interfaces to ERP systems such as SAP and make the expertise of our specially trained employees available to you. No matter whether you are looking for a service provider for the nationwide construction site disposal of fire alarm or UPS systems, for international return processes, for take-back solutions in the trade, for the dismantling of transmission masts or for a complete site dismantling: With passion and commitment we lead your project to success.

Produktvernichtung, Rueckbauservice, Anlagendemonatge - Ihr Entsorgungsprojekt bei hpm

Returns logistics & returns management

Returns processing and refurbishment of electrical and electronic equipment are part of the standardised operating procedures in our company.

Whether controlled retrieval of the goods up to our warehouse, incoming goods inspection or preparation and return to active stock: All processes in our returns management take place according to firmly defined "workflow specifications".

Technical function and material tests are also part of our service on a contract basis. We are happy to define specific processes and checks with you to ensure product quality.

Trust our expertise and experience when it comes to returns management

  • Process optimisation with your customers
  • Stock posting in your systems, e.g. SAP via interfaces
  • Checking of material and functional properties
  • Recovery and preparation via your service workshops and deadline monitoring
  • Quality inspection
  • Activation of the stock
  • Destruction according to legal and data protection requirements
Reycling Server - Entsorgung von Serveranlagen und Telefonanlagen durch das Team von hpm

Safe plant dismantling and demolition Service

If your system technology no longer corresponds to the current standard, the dismantling of obsolete telecommunications or server systems becomes necessary or complete site dismantling becomes necessary, we offer the solution.

Our experienced employees are highly committed to the task at hand. From careful analysis to competent dismantling and efficient logistics, smooth operations are guaranteed. Safety plays a decisive role in every phase of the project.

As an environmental manager, we focus on dismantling individual components in order to ensure the extraction of important secondary raw materials in dismantling projects. With knowledge of the whole, we also capture the details. As a future-oriented company, we not only close important material cycles and conserve natural resources, but also find economical solutions for reuse.

Whether demolition, dismantling or moving - the work involved is very time-consuming and costly, for example when premises have to be restored to their original condition in accordance with the rental agreement. We act as an intermediary between you, your landlord and the authorities and relieve you of the work - completely.


All this is included in your complete dismantling package:

  • We register your data centre with the authorities, utility companies and fire brigade, resolve the connections and remove your data centre from the network.
  • We dispose of all IT components such as NEA, UPS, cables, etc. professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with the statutory regulations and with proof. The same applies to air conditioning, electrical and security components, fuels such as oil and diesel, and numerous other components used in your data centre.
  • The closing of openings, wall penetrations and holes, the painting of walls and ceilings and the laying of floors required for reasons of fire protection are carried out by trustworthy and reliable subcontractors.

Your benefits

  • You don't have to worry about anything
  • no impairment of ongoing office operations
  • Cost reduction by offsetting the credit balances from the disposal of (precious) metals
  • Making contacts for the purpose of selling waste equipment
Entsorgung Ihrer betrieblichen Abfälle wie Elektrogeräten, Datenträger oder Leuchten mit hpm.

Safe and sustainable product destruction through hpm

The safe and professional destruction and recycling of products from your manufacturing processes serves not only to comply with legal regulations, but also to ensure the sustainable recovery of secondary raw materials.

Within the scope of hpm product destruction, a wide variety of materials are safely and professionally destroyed. We are your competent and reliable partner from waste disposal logistics and resource management to the marketing of newly emerging raw materials. For us, flexibility, reliability and competence form the basis for a trusting cooperation.

Together with you, we implement standardised destruction and disposal processes which meet all individual and legal requirements, including data protection requirements.


Examples from our service portfolio

  • Prototype and pre-series destruction
  • Inventory reduction
  • Plagiarism destruction
  • Packaging destruction
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