Optimierung der Enstorgungsablaeufe & Stoffstroeme fueheren zu enormen Einsparungen

Reference report

Rosink GmbH + Co: Disposal concepts - appreciated by our customers

Hellmann Process Management (HPM) supports Maschinenfabrik Rosink GmbH + Co. in sustainably optimising the revenue from recyclables and reducing disposal costs with a comprehensive disposal concept.

The initial situation

Maschinenfabrik Rosink GmbH + Co. manufactures special machines for the textile industry, as well as systems for industrial parts cleaning. A wide range of waste flows are generated in production. Waste flow disposal is often associated with high costs.


HPM initially laid the foundations for a detailed analysis of the current disposal management by creating a detailed material flow balance sheet. On this basis, potential for both operational and monetary optimisation was uncovered when redesigning the disposal processes, and steps were taken to improve these processes. Significant optimisation was achieved in the classic recyclable material fractions such as metals & non-ferrous metals, PPK, and foil, as well as in hazardous waste flows such as emulsions, waste oil and grinding sludge. On the one hand, research was conducted into alternative recycling methods, and on the other hand, administrative and operative processes, such as internal logistics, were examined and optimised. An economic and future-oriented material flow concept was developed and implemented together with the employees of Rosink.

"The actual savings achieved and the maximisation of revenue from recyclable waste have exceeded our expectations. The performance-related compensation model impressed us right from the start."

Mathias Schonhoff | Head of Materials Management

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