Seminar on the implementation of the EPR in Europe - WEEE, Batteries & Packaging

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Seminar on the implementation of the EPR in Europe

WEEE, Batteries & Packaging

The EU directives provide the framework for the national regulations in the respective countries. Due to the fact that the transposition into national law has not been uniform, there are different requirements in each country. Therefore, it is important to know the different requirements and specifics.

European countries that are not part of the European Union have also followed the directives and implemented their own national regulations.

Do you also sell your products in non-EU member states? We are happy to cover their national requirements in our seminars. Our seminars on EPR in Europe are individually tailored to your product portfolio and your sales situation. Based on the different legal requirements, we shed light on whether your products fall within the scope of the national law in the respective country where you distribute them and whether you are obliged to comply with the country-specific requirements. You will also find out what the requirements are and how to implement them.

Target group

The seminars on EPR in Europe are aimed at

  • Manufacturers   
  • Dealers  
  • Distance sellers
  • Importers/Exporters

Our offer

Introduction to the respective national regulations & explanation of the impact on your company.

Our seminars cover the following topics

  • What is the legal basis?
  • What are the main legal definitions?
  • Which obligations have to be met?
  • What are the country-specific features?  
  • How do the legal obligations have to be complied with?
  • What options are there for implementing the requirements?
  • Recording the current situation and identifying potential need for action


After our seminars you will know the legal obligations and how to fulfil them.

Legal background

The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, the Battery Act and the Packaging Act (in short: ElektroG, BattG & VerpackG) regulate, among other things, the offering/marketing, the taking back and the environmentally sound disposal of e-waste, waste batteries and packaging. The primarily goals are avoiding waste as well as encouraging reuse and environmentally sound recycling. In addition, the use of pollutants is to be reduced. The stakeholders of the ElektroG, BattG and VerpackG (including manufacturers, distributors, citizens, public waste management authorities, systems, waste management companies, etc.) have to fulfil a large number of obligations.

Not enough yet?

Do you have a specific question about your product portfolio and how it is affected in the respective countries or would you like to have your distribution channels analysed? Why not take a look at our research/analysis services?

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